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Why are artists' statements so hard to write?

Why? Because it takes so long to actually produce worthwhile art about which you can write, that all of this work needs thinking about before you can write about it.

When I think back to being a struggling art student trying to achieve some kernel of success, I wonder what ever kept me going in order to get to where I am today. First you learn to draw, then you learn something about color, then you learn about mediums in
which to create, then you learn something about art history, then you put all of this together and you realize very quickly you are just beginning.

After these many years of doing art, the reasons for doing it are clearer. After spending some time as an abstract expressionist, I realize I am not an abstract expressionist. I am a representational artist and I paint what I love. This is clear. Why I choose to paint
something seems to be part of a huge process that unfolds over time. Meaning sometimes comes later. Like the street scenes of Arlington. They are not Wakefield, where I grew up, but upon thinking about the work, I realized I was painting not only my current neighborhood, but the neighborhood of my childhood. They are not just two-familyhouses that represent strength and beauty to me, they are part of my past. The scenes are places I virtually have known all my life.

Other reasons for doing art are clear: like being an artist means you can be your own boss and can create whatever you wish. The work you produce is an extension of your mind and your soul. And, you can get better at it for the rest of your life.

Adrienne Landry, 2010